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  • Do you only operate in Nepal or do you have international operations as well?
    While we are one of the leading plywood manufacturers in Nepal, our operations extend beyond national boundaries. We are also a prominent exporter of plywood, mainly to India. This international reach sets us apart and establishes us as a key player in the regional plywood industry.
  • How do you ensure the quality of your plywood?
    Our manufacturing processes adhere to stringent quality control measures. Each product is rigorously tested to meet and often exceed industry standards, ensuring longevity and functionality. Additionally, we are proud to be Nepal’s first U.S.-based IAF-approved and UAF ISO 9001:2015 certified plywood company, which further attests to our commitment to quality.
  • Where is Midlaj Group headquartered?
    Our corporate headquarters is located at Nepalgunj, Nepal.
  • What types of plywood do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of plywood including Commercial, Marine, and Film Face types. We also provide specialized plywood for various industrial uses.
  • What brands of plywood do you manufacture?
    We manufacture multiple brands of plywood to cater to different needs and applications. Our portfolio includes Midlaj Plywood, NaturalPly, EconomicPly, NepalPly, and RastraPly. Each brand is designed with specific uses in mind, from residential to commercial and industrial applications.
  • What is Midlaj Group?
    Midlaj Group is a diversified private conglomerate that operates across various sectors, including plywood manufacturing, land real estate, government projects, and trading. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation has made us a leader in these industries.
  • Why are you considered the best plywood company in Nepal?
    Our reputation as the best plywood company in Nepal is built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We offer a diverse range of specialized products under various brands like Midlaj Plywood, NaturalPly, EconomicPly, NepalPly, and RastraPly. Moreover, we are Nepal’s first U.S.-based IAF-approved and UAF ISO 9001:2015 certified plywood company, a testament to our unyielding commitment to excellence.
  • What Midlaj Group's Manufacturing?
    Currently, We are manufacturing different types of quality plywood at a reasonable price in Nepal.
  • Do you operate in any other sectors?
    Yes, in addition to being a leading plywood manufacturer and exporter, we have a longstanding legacy in the real estate industry through our sister company, Midlaj Properties by Rahaman Miya. Based in Nepalgunj, Midlaj Properties specializes in land plotting and has been a trusted name in real estate for an extended period.
  • What makes you the best choice for plywood exports among other companies in Nepal?
    Our track record in exporting high-quality plywood to international markets, primarily to India, speaks for itself. Being Nepal’s first U.S.-based IAF-approved and UAF ISO 9001:2015 certified plywood company adds an extra layer of credibility and assures international clients of our commitment to quality and reliability.
  • How can I get in touch with Midlaj Group?
    You can reach out to us via email at or call us at +977-9858026000.
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