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Midlaj Group, led by Rihan Miya, is a Nepalese conglomerate company excelling in manufacturing and export.

Midlaj Group, founded in 2018 by Rihan Miya at the young age of 17, is a Nepalese conglomerate company. Led by Rihan Miya, a determined Nepalese industrialist and entrepreneur, the company has evolved over a short period of time to encompass various subsidiaries.

One of its prominent subsidiaries is Midlaj Industries Private Limited, which specializes in the manufacturing of plywood. Through relentless efforts, Midlaj Industries became Nepal's first US-based IAF-approved UAF ISO 9001:2015 certified plywood company. This achievement speaks volumes about the company's commitment to quality and adherence to international standards.

Apart from Midlaj Industries, the group also includes Midlaj Properties Private Limited and Midlaj Trading Private Limited, broadening its scope across different sectors. While Rihan Miya's past business ventures may have faced challenges, the recent success of Midlaj Group in manufacturing and exporting plywood to India is a noteworthy achievement. This accomplishment sets the company apart as it engages in a rare form of trade within Nepal.

Overall, Midlaj Group, under the leadership of Rihan Miya, has demonstrated resilience and determination. With a focus on plywood manufacturing and expanding its business operations, the company continues to contribute to the industrial landscape of Nepal while striving for further growth and success.

This Picture Of Chairman & CEO Of Midlaj Group's Named Rihan Miya

Rihan Miya

Chairman & CEO

A young and determined entrepreneur, leads Midlaj Group's expansion in manufacturing and export operations. At just 22 years old, he is making a name for himself as a promising Nepalese industrialist.

Working Sector

Chairman Message

This Picture Of Chairman Emeritus & Director Of Midlaj Group's Named Rahaman Miya

Rahaman Miya

Chairman Emeritus & Director

Respected businessman and social worker. His remarkable journey from starting from scratch, overcoming numerous challenges, and achieving success serves as a powerful catalyst for Rihan's own aspirations.

  • Plywood Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Trading

  • Project

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