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Our Companies

Midlaj Group is a dynamic and ever-growing conglomerate based in Nepal with subsidiaries spanning diverse industries such as, Plywood Industry, Real Estate & Trading. With decades of experience in providing innovative and comprehensive services in these sectors, Midlaj Group is your go-to solution provider.

Midlaj Industries Private Limited

Midlaj Industries Private Limited a part of Midlaj Group, is a pioneering plywood company in Nepal known for its commitment to innovation and excellence. It is the first US-based IAF-approved and UAF ISO 9001:2015-certified plywood company in the country. The company employs around 50 people and has recently starting to exporting plywood to India from Nepal.


Midlaj Properties Private Limited

Midlaj Properties Private Limited, a part of the renowned Midlaj Group, is a prominent real estate business in Nepalgunj. They excel in property development and management, offering quality services to their clients. With a strong local reputation, they are a trusted choice for real estate needs in the region.


Midlaj Trading Private Limited

Midlaj Trading Private Limited is a prominent member of the Midlaj Group, known for its association with Amul Nepal. They operate as an importer, bringing Amul Dairy products from India to Nepal. Their role in the supply chain ensures that Amul's renowned dairy products are available and accessible to consumers in Nepal.

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